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With over 12 years of experience in the oxygen therapy field we understand everyone's oxygen requirements. We are accredited from the ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Health Care) and have been an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau since 2008. This means you will have 100% confidence in your purchase, our staff, our pricing and warrantees. We carry the top brands of portable oxygen concentrators that are shipped FREE* directly to your shipping address.

Oxygen Concentrator Inc. is a specialist supplier of portable oxygen and home oxygen concentrators as well as other sleep solution products. We provide solutions for oxygen users through-out the United States as well around the globe. Whatever your oxygen needs are, we are the ideal company. We provide oxygen therapy solutions that include sales, rentals, used units and repairs of most portable oxygen concentrators and home oxygen concentrators.

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Our administrative offices are located in Centennial, CO and Boca Raton, FL. Oxygen Concentrator Inc. and AMSR is a national fully accredited ACHC oxygen provider. Our DMEPOS accreditation is approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Our New Portable Oxygen Concentrators start at $1650

You won't find prices any lower than ours, even on the best and most in-demand oxygen concentrators that will cost a pretty penny anywhere else. Our prices are often so low, that we aren't allowed by the manufacturer to publish them online. For a price inquiry, you can contact us at 1-877-303-7062, or by email on the product page.

We are proud to be an authorized dealer of home oxygen concentrators and portable oxygen concentrators from the manufacturers: SeQual, Inogen, Respironics, Invacare, ResMed, AirSep, DeVilbiss, Oxus and Lifechoice. Some of our portable oxygen concentrators are pulse dose only, such as the popular Respirionics EverGo. Others feature both pulse dose and continuous flow settings, such as the powerful and versatile Sequal Eclipse 3.

We have a great variety of settings, sizes and features in our oxygen concentrators, because not one person is the same in their lifestyle and oxygen therapy needs. There are very small portable models, best for those who need a low pulse dose, and for those who need to use their oxygen concentrator while exercising. One such portable model is the AirSep Focus, which is only about 2 lbs. We also carry the AirSep Freestyle and the AirSep Freestyle 5.

All of our portable oxygen concentrators are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, which means you, are already approved to take them and use them aboard a passenger aircraft with more than 19 seats, to and from U.S. soil no matter where you are in the world. Portable oxygen concentrators will give you the freedom to run errands, go out on a date or a night out with friends, or travel to all the places in the world you've ever wanted to visit.

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Portable oxygen concentrators are much smaller and lighter than most stationary concentrators, and can run off of a rechargeable battery internal or external battery, or while plugged into a power source. Their purpose is to make it possible for you to travel and go about your day away from home, while receiving the oxygen therapy you need.

Some portable oxygen concentrators have both continuous flow settings (measured in LPM (liters per minute), as well as pulse dose settings, which are delivered increments in milliliters per minute. The highest dose of continuous flow that a portable oxygen concentrator can give you, however, is 3 LPM. If you need more than this, you may need to stick with a stationary oxygen concentrator.

You never know when you might need to take a trip, and this is why we make it so easy to order a portable oxygen concentrator rental package. We have a variety of portable oxygen concentrators and the ability to add extra batteries to your package for a low extra cost, because your oxygen therapy and travel needs are unique.

We want to make sure you have plenty of battery life for your safety and convenience. We always ship the same day you order. We ship via UPS at least 24 hours before your trip to make sure your rental arrives at your home with time to spare.

We offer oxygen concentrator rental packages for the Sequal Eclipse 3, Inogen One G2 with 12-cell battery, Inogen One G2 with 24-cell battery, Respirionics SimplyGo, Respirionics EverGo, Lifechoice Concentrator, DeVilbiss iGo and Oxlife Independence.

All of our packages are cost-effective, so you should definitely look into them if you are interested in purchasing an oxygen concentrator in general. If you want to buy an oxygen concentrator for travel instead of renting one, we offer travel packages. Our travel packages include extra batteries at a lower price than if you would have bought them separately from the concentrator itself.

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We have a great variety of home oxygen concentrators models for you to choose from. The SimplyFlo by Respirionics is one of the newest and smallest innovations in home oxygen concentrators. It only weighs a littler under 9 lbs, has continuous flow settings up to 2 LPM and is no bigger than the average portable oxygen concentrator. It's perfect and much more cost-effective for those who need to use oxygen therapy at night when staying away from home.

The SimplyFlo is unique because it's a stationary oxygen concentrator the size of a portable oxygen concentrator, but we also have home oxygen concentrators with higher flow settings that are not much bigger, and sleek enough so that they don't stick out too much in your home.

The Visionaire by AirSep comes in two different models, the Visionaire 3 LPM and the Visionaire 5 LPM are two such models that have higher flow settings, but are also energy efficient. We also have high flow home oxygen concentrators for you to choose from, such as the AirSep Intensity 10, which offers up to 10 LPM, and the Invacare Platinum 10. The AirSep Intensity 10 can also function as a nebulizer machine, which is great for those who also need to take aerosol treatments on a regular basis.

We even have two stationary home oxygen concentrators that function as your own personal refill stations. If you don't travel by airplane and prefer carrying a tank of oxygen, you can use the DeVilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen Station. The iFill comes with your choice of tank sizes: M4, M6, ML6, C, D and E and they much be the tanks that are compatible with the iFill. You also have your choice of settings for pulse dose oxygen conserving device interface or regulator interface. Refill concentrators like these save you money and hassle in the long run by allowing you to produce your own oxygen for your tanks.

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We want to give you a one stop shop with your oxygen therapy needs, so we stock the accessories you will need to continue using you oxygen concentrator. Aside from the necessary accessories that came with your oxygen concentrator package, there are little extras that you may decide that you want later. We also know that things happen that you don't expect, like an adapter getting damaged or a battery being lost. You may also need to replace the filter depending on the model. We offer all of those things at our great low prices.

One of the most convenient accessories is the external charger that you can get for some portable oxygen concentrators, such as the AirSep accessories, Respirionics SimplyGo or EverGo accessories, Sequal Eclipse series accessoires, the DeVilbiss iGo, Inogen One G2, Inogen One G3 and Oxlife Independence.

These external battery chargers are great because you can charge another battery while charging or using the other that is already in the concentrator. If you need to go out somewhere, grab the extra charged battery and put in in your carry bag or accessory bag and change out the batteries later when the first one has been depleted. No need to stop and recharge! These are a great investment if you do a lot of traveling and if you use your concentrator all day, or for most of the day.

Another type of accessory we carry for each portable model are carry bags, backpacks and mobile carts, so you can easy transport your portable oxygen concentrator anywhere you go. Each carry bag or backpack is designed especially for each portable concentrator, since they are all differences sizes and shapes. The straps are adjustable and padded for maximum comfort, and the opening in the bag is positioned so you can easily access the control panel, without removing the concentrator from the bag.

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