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AirSep Concentrator Accessories

AirSep Oxygen Concentrator Accessories
The AirSep AirBelt with Battery is a great addition to your Freestyle, Freestyle 5 or Focus portable oxygen concentrator. All of these concentrators are very small, so there is no battery that can be removed and recharged externally.

However, you can charge the AirBelt battery separately and plug it into the concentrator for additional battery duration. The AirBelt itself will add up to 3.5 more hours of battery life, depending of course on the dosage setting. We carry all of the cords and adapters you will need to plug your AirBelt into the concentrator, and charge it by itself.

The AirSep Focus battery functions like the AirBelt, but it will provide another 1.2 hours of battery life for the Focus when connected to the concentrator. Keep it safe with the AirSep Focus battery case while it's not in use or being recharged.

Do you need to charge your AirSep Focus in the car but you've lost your car charger? We carry DC adapters that will make it quick and easy for you to charge up your battery while going from one place to the next.

The AirSep Freestyle backpack was designed to let the concentrator breathe, while making it extra comfortable to carry it on your back. The opening gives you easy access to the control panel, so you don't have to remove the concentrator from the backpack. It also have plenty of compartments for your accessories.

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