AirSep External Battery

Item Sku: CD023-2
If you need a reliable and powerful supplemental battery solution for your AirSep Focus, Freestyle or Freestyle 5, look no further than the brand new AirSep External Battery. This supplemental battery is a different and lighter weight alternative to the AirSep Battery Pack, which you may have previously depended on to add battery life to your small AirSep portable concentrator.

The AirSep External Battery makes it easy to add longer battery duration to your Focus, Freestyle or Freestyle 5 – as much as 6 hours more, depending on the setting, and which AirSep portable concentrator you are using. For being so powerful, the AirSep External Battery only weighs 1 lb.

Each battery only takes 5 hours to charge up, from 0% to 100%, and can be charged individually via the AC or DC power cords. One battery will last for 3.5 hours on the setting of 2 in the AirSep Focus. With the Freestyle, you will get up to 10 hours of battery life on the setting of 1, and 5 hours on the setting of 3. On the Freestyle 5, you can have up to 7 hours on the setting of 1, and 2 hours on the setting of 5.

The External Battery will also let you know immediately when the charge is getting low, so you have time to go to a power source to run or charge the battery or the concentrator's internal battery. An indicator light will change to let you know how much battery life is left.

The AirSep External Battery can be charged separately from the concentrator via the AC or DC power supply cords, or with it while it is plugged into the concentrator.

They are small and light enough to wear underneath a jacket, to make your oxygen therapy use even more inconspicuous. You won't need to fuss with a belt – just clip the battery to your belt or pocket, and plug it into the concentrator when you are ready to add more hours to your battery life.

Battery Duration
Focus = 3.5 hours on a setting of 2
Freestyle 3 = 6 hours on a setting of 2
Freestyle 5 = 4 hours on a setting of 2

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: AirSep
Weight: 10 ounces
Size: 3 inches Long, 2.5 inches Tall, 1 inch Wide
Rating: 4.5
AirSep Focus and Freestyle Rechargeable External Battery - BT024-1

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