AirSep Freestyle 5 Portable Concentrator

The AirSep Freestyle 5 Starter Package includes the Freestyle 5 unit, 1 Internal Battery, AC/DC Power Supplies, shoulder strap, cannula and user manual.

They say good things come in small packages, and that’s certainly true of the AirSep FreeStyle 5 portable oxygen concentrator. Although it’s light and compact, this unit is truly a powerhouse. It provides a range of oxygen delivery options that can meet exceptionally high requirements.Coming in at less than 7 pounds and under a foot on every side, the FreeStyle 5 puts portability at the forefront. It’s light weight and included carrying case, shoulder strap, and accessory bag will afford you freedom of movement in almost any environment. Furthermore, it features a matte finish to protect it from life’s daily dings and scratches.

The FreeStyle 5 is also designed for use in weather from 41 to 104 degrees F, ensuring that you can enjoy outdoor activities just as easily as indoors. The unit is fully FAA certified for air travel so you can easily bring it along on long trips. The quiet operating volume of 48 decibels won’t disturb other passengers and ensures you could even use it in a library.

Although the unit is powerful, it still provides an average battery life of 2.5 hours. This, along with the included AC and DC power supplies, provides you with convenience and peace of mind. Additionally, the power supply is designed to be easily changed with simple, multidirectional installation without fumbling for a release button. The power supply is conveniently located on the front of the unit and features tough, durable prongs to prevent breakage.

Operation is designed to be as easy as the simple push of a button, with no complex menus. The machine also starts up in less than 2 minutes, providing you with oxygen quickly on your schedule.

Despite all its great features, powerful and customizable oxygen delivery is where the FreeStyle 5 really shines. It can provide up to 1000 mL of oxygen a minute - twice as much as many units its size. There are 5 pulse settings for you to choose from. This unit also includes UltraSense technology which automatically adjusts the oxygen bolus amount based on your breath rate, tailoring oxygen delivery to your body’s current requirements. This technology is ultra-sensitive and also makes certain you receive oxygen at the very beginning of every breath, when you need it most.

In addition to all of the above, the unit is covered by an included 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. An additional 1 year warranty is also provided to cover the battery and power supplies.

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Freestyle 5 Product Highlights

  • Provides up to 1000 mL/min of O2 for high oxygen requirements
  • Features UltraSense – technology that automatically changes oxygen amount to meet your requirements
  • Versatile - choice of 5 different pulse settings
  • Small and portable – under 7 pounds
  • 3 Year Warranty

Freestyle 5 Product Specifications

Sku: AS077-1
Manufacturer: AirSep
Weight: 6.2 pounds for the unit, 1.8 pounds for Airbelt
Size: 4.4 inches X 11 inches X 10.7 inches
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on the Unit; 1 Year Warranty on Accessories
Battery Life: Battery Duration: 1 Hour - 5 Setting, 2 Hours - 2 Setting, 5 Hours - 1 Setting
Battery Charging: Aroound 3 hours (depending on how low the battery is depleted)
Oxygen Concentration: 90% oxygen +5.5% -3%
Noise Level: 38 - 44 decibals depending on setting Alarm: Breath rate, Battery charge state, Cannula disconnect, Start-up, Pulse flow, Low battery, High temperature, General malfunction, High and low pressure
Rating: 4.3

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