FAA Approved Oxygen Concentrators

Having a portable oxygen concentrator should mean you can travel anywhere you would want to go, and you can definitely do so with one of our FAA approved portable oxygen concentrators. To be "FAA approved" means they are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for use aboard a passanger airplane on any airline that you might want to use to travel anywhere in the world. This is the kind of freedom we have in mind for our customers. This also means that your portable oxygen concentrator, the carry bag, wheel cart, and accessory bag will not be included in your carry on limit.

Of course, we also want to make sure you have oxygen flow that you need while you are traveling, as well as the battery life you will need on your flight and during the remainder of your trip. You will need to contact your airline at least 2 weeks before your trip to see what they require you to bring in the way of battery life. Many airlines will require that you bring more than enough battery life for the duration of the flight, just in case there are delays. They may also want you to bring a statement from your doctor, stating your prescription and your medical need for your portable oxygen concentrator.

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This oxygen therapy guide will educate you and help in selecting the correct oxygen concentrator purchase as simple and straightforward as possible.