Inova Labs ActivOx Pro 4L Portable Concentrator

The Inova Labs ActivOx Starter Package includes the ActivOx unit, internal battery, AC/DC adapters, 4 way carrying case, shoulder strap, cannula and manual.

If you need a lightweight and powerful portable oxygen concentrator, the Lifechoice Activox by Inova Labs might be perfect for you. If weighs less than 5 lbs, has one of the longest battery lives out of the small portable concentrators, and can give you pulse dose oxygen up to the setting of 3. It also has a feature that increases the performance when you fall asleep and your breath level decreases, ensuring that you are always receiving the amount of oxygen that you need.

The Activox is the ideal portable concentrator for those who love to travel and lead active lifestyles. Not only is is small and lightweight, but it is also extremely easy to carry in its carry case. The case has a strap that is worn over your shoulder or across from your shoulder to opposite hip. The strap is adjustable and padded, making it easy to carry and comfortable as well. You will always have easy access to the control panel.

The amazing internal battery of the Lifechoice Activox will last as long as 12 hours on the setting of 2, and up to 15 hours on the setting of 1. You can even add 3 more hours of battery power by plugging it into the external battery, which can be charged separately and worn around your waist when you are ready to use it. You won't need to worry about charging your Activox all day long.

Not only will you be free to go just about anywhere with that kind of battery duration, but you can also take a trip by air, as it is already approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for use on a passenger airplane. You can also easily take it with you on any other mode of transportation without hassle.

It's also just as tough and reliable as any other portable oxygen concentrator twice its size. You can travel to destinations as high as 10,000 feet above sea level, between temperatures of 41 degrees and 104 degrees Fahrenheit, with no change in the performance. The Lifechoice Activox truly gives you the amount of freedom you need.

*Batteries not included.

ActivOx Product Highlights

  • Pulse Dose
  • 4.8 Pounds
  • 10 Hour Battery
  • 3 Year Warranty

ActivOx Product Specifications

Sku: XYC100B
Manufacturer: Inova Labs
Weight: 4.83 pounds for the unit
Size: 9 inches X 4.38 inches X 7.8 inches
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on the Unit; 1 Year Warranty on Accessories
Battery Charging: Up to 4 hours for internal battery(depending on how low the battery is depleted), Up to 3 hours for external battery(depending on how low the battery is depleted)
Battery Duration: Internal Battery: 1 LPMeq = 12 hours, 3 LPMeq = 5 hours - External Battery = 1 LPMeq = 3 hours, 3 LPMeq = 2 hours
Oxygen Concentration: 90% (+/-5%)
Noise Level: Around 41 to 46 decibels, depending on setting
Alert: Oxygen Concentration Sensor Alarm: Less than 82%
Rating: 4.1

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