Lightest and Smallest Portable Oxygen Concentrators

The smallest portable oxygen concentrators we carry are the AirSep Focus, Inogen One G3, AirSep Freestyle, and Lifechoice Activox.

AirSep is a brand that is known for designing some of the best and smallest portable oxygen concentrators that are still strong enough for patients with COPD to use, and still receive the amount of oxygen they need. The AirSep Focus weighs less than 3 lbs and is only 6.4 inches high and 4.8 inches wide, and gives you an oxygen purity of as much as 96%.

The AirSep Freestyle is only a little bigger, weighs in at 4.4 lbs and has the capacity to put out a maximum of 332 ml of oxygen per minute. Since these AirSep models are so tiny, if you want to add even more battery life, you can supplement it with the AirSep AirBelt, which is a battery pack that can be worn around your waist. The AirBelt is small and only weighs a little under 2 lbs.

The Inogen One G3 is as big as the smallest ones get, at just a little under 5 lbs with the standard 8 cell battery. It stands at 7.25 inches tall, 3 inches wide and 8.75 inches deep. It will give you pulse dose settings between 1 and 4. It can also detect when your breath rate drops and work to meet your changing needs - perfect for those who need to use an oxygen concentrator while exercising. The Lifechoice Activox is another great choice for the active patient, is just slightly lighter than the G3, and will give you 3 settings of pulse dose oxygen.

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