FAQs About Oxygen Therapy

Have you only just found out about oxygen concentrator and you're not sure if one would be right for you or not? Before you decide to get one, there is plenty of research and shopping around that needs to be done. There are few main questions that come up when someone has become curious about getting their oxygen therapy with portable concentrators machines, specifically.

Q: How do oxygen concentrators work?

All machines that call themselves oxygen concentrators, whether they are portable or stationary, filter the oxygen out of the air around it and store it so you can breathe it in. The outside air is brought in through the intake vent, where it meets its first filter. The intake filter catches the dirt and dust and anything else that might be in the air that you don't want to breathe in. It goes through the process of filtering the oxygen inside the machine, and lets out the other gases through a vent. Most of our portable concentrates can filter the oxygen so that it is around 93% pure. This is seen as pure enough to give you the amount of oxygen you need.

Q: Will a portable concentrator really give me the correct dosage I need at all times?

Your doctor prescribes you a dosage, and most of the time, he or she will help you pick out a portable concentrator that will give you what you need. If you need a continuous flow of oxygen higher than 4 LPM, you might not be able to get enough oxygen therapy through portable concentrators, and you will have to go with refillable oxygen tanks. If you want to make sure you are being properly saturated with oxygen, you can use a home pulse oximeter to check on a day to day basis.

Q: How do the dosage settings work?

Your doctor will determine whether you need pulse dose or continuous flow concentrators, and at what setting. Pulse dose concentrators are measured by mL (milliliters) per minute, and continuous flow is measured in LPM (liters per minute). A sales technician from our store will assist you in making sure you set your portable concentrator to the correct setting.

Q: They are kind of pricey. How would I afford one?

We offer payment plans for 90 days same as cash, and a 24 or 36 month payment plan, but you must be approved for it. You can also try Bill Me Later through PayPal to make payments. We also have used and refurbished portable concentrators at a steep discount. Our prices are the lowest you will find online, even for a brand new oxygen concentrator.

Q: Is it worth having to change the battery every few hours?

For many people, not having to worry about purchasing more oxygen and refilling tanks is worth having to charge a battery for a portable oxygen concentrator. The portable concentrator might cost more up front, but you are saving a lot of money in the long run by making your own oxygen.

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