Oxygen Concentrator Rentals

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals from the leading brands like Respironics, Inogen and SeQual.

American Medical Sales and Rentals Rental Program is our effort to help our patients gain mobility in their lives. For a minimal investment of $245 to $350 a week, you can experience mobility with the Inogen One G2 Rental, Inogen One G3 Rental, SeQual Eclipse Rental, Respironics EverGo Rental, and Respironics SimplyGo Rental. We also rent Home Concentrators, please contact us for Home Concentrator rentals.

Rental period is from the date the unit is scheduled to arrive at the Renters address to the date that the Renter ships the unit back to AMSR . We recommend that the Renter have the unit arrive 1 day before they plan to leave.

SimplyGo Rental

Renting a SimplyGo by Respirionics is a great idea if you are planning a trip, and you only need a low dose of either continuous flow oxygen or pulse dose. In the pulse dose settings, it offers doses up to 72 ml...

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Inogen G3 Rental

If you want to rent a small portable concentrator with a great battery life, and you need no more than pulse dose oxygen on the setting of 4, look no further. Why would you want to travel with anything any heavier...

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Eclipse Rental

Our Sequal Eclipse 3 rental package is ideal for those who need a portable oxygen concentrator with continuous flow settings, as well as pulse dose oxygen. Even with all of this power and versatility...

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Inogen G2 Rental

If you need pulse dose oxygen up to a setting of 5 and you want to take that vacation with your family, our Inogen One G2 rental package with a 12 cell battery would be perfect for you. This portable...

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Inogen G2 24 Cell Rental

The Inogen One G2 is a powerful and small concentrator that gives you the option of 2 different types of rechargeable batteries. Choose our Inogen One G2 rental package and substitute the 12...

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EverGo Rental

The EverGo portable oxygen concentrator by Respirionics is a dependable pulse dose model with settings from 1 to 6. This is a great choice if you need pulse dose oxygen therapy, and you need to rent a...

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The Rental Process

Rental Process Step 1 - Select1


Work with our oxygen specialists to help you select the correct concentrator for your rental requirements.
Rental Process Step 2 - Rent2


Complete rental agreement, send prescription and payment method to secure rental.
Rental Process Step 3 - Receive3


We ship the rental to your location and instruct you on proper operation.
Rental Process Step 4 - Return4


When your rental term is completed, ship the concentrator and any accessories to us by dropping it off at any UPS store.

Some more facts about Renting a Concentrator

For Customers who need shipping:
Shipping for all rentals is $45, there is a 7 day minimum on all shipped rental units. The renter pays for shipping OUT and AMSR will enclose a PREPAID shipping label for return shipment.
AMSR will ship out the unit along with prepaid shipping label, instructions and packing materials.
Once the rental period is over, the Renter repackages the unit in the original packaging and attaches the PREPAID label.
The Renter can drop off the unit at the UPS store, Staples or Office Max.
Alternatively, the customer can call UPS for a pick up. The pickup is at an additional $6 expense to the customers (charged be UPS).

For Walk Up Customers:
Rental dates start from when the unit is picked up to the date the unit is returned.
There are no shipping charges for customers who pick up and drop off their units.
Local customers are able to rent unit with a 4 day minimum rental.
For 1 Way Customers (i.e. hospital patient traveling) All way one rentals require AMSR to ship a box with shipping materials (or the customers take the box with them).

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Free Oxygen Therapy Guide


This oxygen therapy guide will educate you and help in selecting the correct oxygen concentrator purchase as simple and straightforward as possible.