Respironics SimplyFlo Home Concentrator

The Respironics SimplyFlo Home Concentrator Package includes the SimplyFlo unit, AC power cord, cannula and manual.

The Respirionics SimplyFlo is unique, because it is now the smallest home oxygen concentrator on the market. It offers continuous flow dosage of oxygen, just as any other home oxygen concentrator, but if you only need a continuous flow up to 2 LPM, the SimplyFlo will work for you. This small home oxygen concentrator is ideal for those who don't need to use their oxygen concentrator for many hours during the day, those who only need it at night while they are sleeping, and those who need 1 or 2 LPM of continuous flow.

It's a true space saver, with a height of 10 inches, a width of 11.5 inches and a depth of 6 inches. You will be able to place this home concentrator on top of a table, and still have room for other things. The SimplyFlo weighs in at just 9 lbs, so you won't have any problem getting it into a different room, or if you want to spend the night somewhere else.

It requires no batteries, and that's one of the great things about this mini home concentrator with the weight and size of a portable concentrator. Since it's so small, it also uses a miniscule amount of power, with a maximum of 120 watts. You won't see much of a difference on your electric bill with this great little concentrator.

The control panel on the SimplyFlo is also extremely easy to use, even if you are in the dark and too tired to read a button. The buttons are large, and the controls only consist of a + and – button for the settings, as well as power button, an alarm button, and an easy to read screen. While running, it barely makes much sound, at just 50 decibels, which is only as loud as a quiet conversation. Many people grow accustomed to this level of sound, especially as they are falling asleep to the gentle hum.

Our Respirionics SimplyFlo package comes with the AC power cord, nasal cannula and owners manual, and it is covered under the manufacturers three year warranty.

This concentrator is made for those who only need 1 or 2 LPM of continuous flow for just a few hours out of the day or overnight, since you can now use a much smaller concentrator for more convenience and the ability to travel without the higher price of a portable oxygen concentrator.

SimplyGo Product Specifications

Sku: 1076773
Manufacturer: Respironics
Weight: Under 9 pounds for the unit
Size: 11.5 inches X 6 inches X 10 inches
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on the Unit; 1 Year Warranty on Accessories
Oxygen Concentration: 90% (+/-3%), all settings
Noise Level: Around 50 decibels, depending on setting
Alert: System technical fault, loss of power, no flow and low oxygen purity
Rating: 4.5

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