SeQual Eclipse Replacement Battery

Item Sku: 7082
The SeQual Eclipse Replacement Battery provides 1 to 5 hours of battery life that is determined by your flow rate and settings. It features an easy to use quick release button that makes changing the Eclipse battery trouble-free. They extend the time that you can be away from power sources.

Battery Duration Times
1 LPM Continuous Flow: 3.7 hours
3 LPM Continuous Flow: 1.3 hours
1 Pulse Flow Setting: 4.4 hours
6 Pulse Flow Setting: 2.1 hours

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: SeQual
Weight: 3 pounds
Size/Compatibility: 12 inches Wide, 7 inches Long
Warranty: 90 Days
Rating: 4.8

SeQual Eclipse Replacement Battery -7082

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