SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Concentrator

The SeQual Eclipse 5 Starter Package includes the Eclipse 5 unit, AC/DC adapters, cart, accessory bag, cannula and manual.

The Sequal Eclipse 5 is a step up from its already reliable predecessor, the Sequal Eclipse 3. The most recent in the Sequal Eclipse line features the ability of being fully functional while operating on DC power. It still has all of the great features and settings, and is compatible with the Sequal Eclipse batteries that can also be used with the earlier Eclipse models. The Sequal Eclipse 5 is a powerful portable concentrator that provides both continuous flow settings as well as higher pulse dose settings.

Even with its power and wide range of oxygen settings and features, the Sequal Eclipse 5 is only 18.4 lbs with the battery, and can be carried easily with the mobile cart. The Eclipse 5 is 12.3 inches wide, 19.3 inches tall and 7.1 inches deep, which is considered more on the large end where portable oxygen concentrators are concerned.

However, the Sequal Eclipse 5 mobile cart is lightweight and easy to maneuver, which makes carting this concentrator around a breeze. It's slim design and wheels allow you to easily move around even the tightest spaces and crowds. The telescoping handle is easy to push down and out of the way when you are sitting still. The cart also allows easily access to the battery compartment, for when you need to switch out a battery on the go.

You can go almost anywhere, including long trips in the car, thanks to the development of the DC power charge feature. With the Sequal Eclipse 5, you will be able to charge up the battery of your concentrator without worrying about draining the battery of your vehicle. You can safely charge the battery while simultaneously running the machine, so that when you reach your destination, your battery has accumulated a charge. This saves you time and battery life for when you need it the most.

The Sequal Eclipse 5 is also approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for use aboard a flight going to or from the United States. This is also great, because the concentrator and your accessories, such as power cords, batteries, mobile cart and accessory bag do not count as part of your carry on limit.

The batteries of the Sequal Eclipse last around 2 hours at 2 LPM continuous flow, and around 5.1 hours on the pulse dose setting of 2. The battery duration depends on the setting at which the Sequal Eclipse 5 is on.

*Batteries not included.

Eclipse 5 Product Highlights

  • 15 Pounds
  • Continuous Flow and Pulse Dose
  • 3 Year Warranty

Eclipse 5 Product Specifications

Sku: 6900-SEQ
Manufacturer: SeQual
Weight: 15 pounds for the unit, 3.4 pounds per battery
Size: 12.3 inches X 7 inches X 19.3 inches
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on the Unit; 1 Year Warranty on Accessories
Battery Charging: Up to 5 hours (depending on how low the battery is depleted)
Battery Duration: Continuous Flow = 2 hours at 2 LPM, Pulse Dose Mode = 5.1 hours at a setting of 2
Oxygen Concentration: 87% to 95.5%
Noise Level: Around 40 to 48 decibels, depending on setting
Alert: Unit malfunction, Low battery, Loss of unit power, Oxygen flow outside normal limits, Low therapeutic oxygen output, No inspiration detected in pulse dose mode
Rating: 4.7

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