AirSep Airbelt with Battery

Item Sku: BT017-1
The AirSep Airbelt is an additional power source for the Freestyle 3, Freestyle 5 or the Focus. Once the AirBelt is fully charged, it can provide up to three and a half hours of additional of battery life to your AirSep unit. The Airbelt takes around 3 hours to completely recharge.

It fits comfortably around your waist and features an adjustable secure velco strap. It is exteremly lightweight at only 1.8 pounds. This product is FAA Apprvoed for use during commercial flights.

Setting Level Battery Duration
1 setting = 3.5 hours
2 setting = 2.5 hours
3 setting = 2 hours

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: AirSep
Weight: 2 Pounds
Size: 10 inches Long, 3 inches Tall, 1.5 inches Wide
Battery Charging Time: ~3 hours
Rating: 4.6
AirSep AirBelt for the Focus and Freestyle Concentrator - BT017-1

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